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“Comprehensive multi-dimensional and multi-modal separation science for complex biological systems”


Who we are

The ISSC is an established network of leading researchers within Ireland and abroad with interests and expertise in the areas of new advanced materials and material surface chemical modification, bio-ligand characterisation and immobilisation, chromatographic interactions and novel phase selectivity, advanced chromatographic systems and complex systems analysis.

The Irish Separation Science Cluster (ISSC) was established as a Strategic Research Cluster by Science Foundation Ireland in recognition of the indispensable and appreciated role that Separation Science plays in the ability of industry to deliver on almost all aspects of their activities and with scope that transcends the Pharma, Biopharma, Biomedical, Food and Beverage as well as the Environmental Sectors.

Our Expertise

We are an internationally significant team of leading separation scientists, biotechnologists, organic/polymer chemists and micro-engineers. The Irish Separation Science Cluster brings together a team of researchers from a multidisciplinary background, spanning chemistry and materials, biotechnology and engineering, to develop the next generation of materials, methods and technologies to enable separation science overcome future challenges in the understanding and characterisation of complex biological systems, with particular emphasis being placed upon application within the growing biopharmaceutical and medical diagnostic industries.

What is our key expertise?

Stationary phase development and surface functionalisation, Micro-fluidic separations, Separation and bio-sensing, Bonded Phase design & modelling.
Ion chromatography/ion exchange, Electrophoretic methods, Monoliths and phase development, Bio-recognition molecules/affinity chromatography, Micro-fluidics and surface analysis.

What is our unique advantage?

No single research group or organisation exists within Ireland with the capabilities to attempt to address the diverse needs and requirements of the pharma- and bio-pharma industries. We have substantial and multi-faceted support from both separations companies (technology providers) and pharma/bio-pharma industries (technology users).

We also have a significantly large network of international collaborators (leading separations groups in USA, Europe and Australia).

So what is our vision?

Our continuing aim is the development of new materials and technologies (fundamental discoveries), to expand the current boundaries of separation science and provide new solutions to complex problems significant to the entire spectrum of life science industries.

Our ISSC cluster’s focus is on the development of new bio-selective and advanced particle and monolithic materials for application within multi-modal and multi-dimensional systems, both conventional chromatographic and miniaturised chip based devices.

Our mission is to expand the current separation science boundaries of speed, efficiency, resolution and identification capabilities, in relation to the qualitative and quantitative analysis of target bio-molecules and marker species within complex industrial and dynamic biological matrices.